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The Transdisciplinary Center for Health Equity Research (formerly called the Center for the Study of Health Disparities) engages in a variety of research, education, service and community outreach activities related to the reduction and elimination of health disparities. The TCHER also contributes to the national research agenda related to health disparities and the existing as well as emerging health needs of ethnic minority groups and disadvantaged or vulnerable sub-groups of the population of all racial/ethnic identification.

Undergraduate and graduate students can expect to receive training on the intersection of health, learning, and social identity using cutting-edge methodologies to develop and hone their own health equity research niche.

Undergraduate students will engage multi- and transdisciplinary research and have opportunities to acquire graduate level experiences via national conference presentations, participating in the writing of manuscripts, and data analysis. 

Graduate students in the Center can expect to receive training in advanced qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies, to develop and prepare first author manuscripts, and to participate in research being conducted by Center faculty.  Both undergraduate and graduate students will participate in research that increases their understanding about and advancing of diversity, inclusion, and equity to understand the cultural context in which people live.

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