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Goals for the TCHER

The overall goal of the Transdisciplinary Center for Health Equity Research (TCHER) is to stimulate research, education, intervention development and testing, dissemination, and evaluation in partnership with affected communities for the reduction and elimination of health disparities.  This approach promotes an environment that is conducive to a wide breadth of activities that are aimed at promoting better health outcomes - i.e., achieving health equity - for all segments of the population.

We are engaged in a variety of research, education, service and community outreach activities related to the reduction and elimination of health disparities, and toward the achievement of health equity.  The TCHER contributes to the national research agenda related to health disparities and the existing as well as emerging health needs of ethnic minority groups and disadvantaged or vulnerable sub-groups of the population of all racial/ethnic identification.

The TCHER capitalizes on the strengths of Texas A&M University and other academic partnerships, and the community. Housed in the Department of Health and Kinesiology within the College of Education and Human Development of Texas A&M University, center affiliates include faculty from other departments, schools, colleges, and institutes – all whom bring their expertise to the various activities of the TCHER. The TCHER builds successful research and training programs that are well integrated into the institution, state and local agencies, and other academic institutions, and communities.

The TCHER has a strong focus on student development in the area of health disparities.  This includes unique opportunities for students from all levels (undergraduate and graduate) to engage in cutting-edge research, and community intervention activities - all designed to not only enrich the learning and training experience for the student, but also results in genuine contributions improving health and well-being of our populace.  Our research faculty affiliates are among the most student-focused faculty on campus, and work side-by-side with young scholars as part of the training.

The TCHER is a place where students who have a specific or general interest in any health issue in which inequities exist, can develop skills needed to help join the cadre of researchers and practitioners who seek health equity for all.